Sunday, February 8, 2009

Canalling it again

Feb. 8, 2009

Hello Friends, and it is a great and happy day. On the marvelous Crystal Symphony having fun with the great Scott Peterson as cruise director. Wonderful guests, with of course a smattering of knuckleheads thrown into the mix to make it fun. 
This new year of 2009 has its challenges with the economy on everyone's mind and people getting job cuts. It has hit the entertainment area, and I am just trusting in God and the talent he gave me to keep me above ground.
Went thru the Panama Canal two times in the last five days. Next time, I get to guide the ship!
Had dinner with Ricki and David from Memphis. They are great people and like my show. Ricki is a vocal therapist and has offered me some excellent tips. She also told me that if some guests do like my Bush puppet, I should wear it as a badge of honor!
Show is tomorrow night, be well all!