Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great evening in Washington, at

Sept. 20, 2008

Hello friends, audiences and unhappy Pisscopalians:

It was lovely and Blessed Summer entertaining in Alaska and in Europe on the wonderful cruise ships of Crystal and Celebrity. The summer was bookended with a wonderful show in Washington State at the winery of Faire Le Pont. Friends I met on Regent cruises, Debe' and Doug Brazil turned a fruit staging warehouse into a gorgeous winery and restaurant.
I entertained with Alonzo, George "W" and Wing Tip Shu.

If you are in Washington, or just want some wonderful wine check out their site.
Included is a photo of Marko and his other girl, Nixie. Nothing wrong is happening here.
Let me also take this time to endorse John McCain for president of the United States.
I do not like everything about him, but compared to the socialist leanings of Barrack Hussein Obama, it is a hands down dunk.

Be well, and write often!

Mark Merchant

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