Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eureka, in Mesquite, Nevada

Hi there friends, fans and others.

Mark and I had a save, long and delayed flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas. But, the key word is safe. Delta flight 1091 changed numbers, and then was delayed three hours and thirty minutes.
Again, too Blessed to be stressed as I got here, and my buddies in their respective suitcases.
About an hour and a half drive to Mesquite, basically on I-15 in the Equinox, courtesy of Hertz.
It is about the hottest place I have  been in my entire life.
Two shows today for the VIP slot players. That sure has an interesting ring to it, pulling those slot handles is a Very Important Person activity.
Looking forward to the shows, and the cuisine in Mesquite.

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