Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Skagway hotties

It is July 15, 2008, and my buddy Marko and his child bride Cindy and their lovely tour guide Alice Cyr had a wonderful day in Skagway and Dyea. We went to a cemetery, and the dead do speak, they said, "Hey quit walking on  me Dude!"

A lovely picnic courtesy of Alice was had on the beach and some brown bears tried to attack, but Mark fended them off by displaying his red shirt. The bears laughed and ran away. The forest service officer said Mark is not allowed to torment the bears with this Red Gay shirt.

We are going to have dinner at the Stow a Way, where Harrison Ford ate last week. Our Nixie girl dog had to have the lampshade on her neck, as she was chewing at the spot on her right hindquarter  where a small wart was removed. Mark is crazy with anxiety, and has to be medicated. Fortunately, Ralf, the live in boyfriend of Tina Cyr gave him some medicine. But, Mark is still crazy and his wife is sooo kind to him and woke him up with a smile.
Ruvery Day everyone, from Wing Tip Shu

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