Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the politically correct ARE idiots!

Well, the month of July is upon us in the year of 2008. Wonderful shows here on the Infinity, and great audience members onstage with me. The first show, two Dentists, and as some of you know. in my past and still today, I am a Registered Dental Hygienist!
The second show, an Asian man, who is a pediatrician, Dr. Kim and his school teacher Caucasian wife. Even their little girl joined in the fun. Just great times!

Of course, the Cruise Director did let me know one poor misguided soul felt maligned by my one mild Hillary joke. I heard another guest say to her: "Tough S**T."  Sounds like the answer I was awaiting. She of course, also thought the fact I have a Black character and I am white is soo troubling. Hello, Lady, wake up and smell the funny!

Another brush with the PC people, as I will be working a casino in Mesquite, the Eureka on July 9 and 10. The people in charge just realized I have an Asian character, DUH! The owner of the casino is Chinese. Had to have a conference call to assure everyone it will be fine.
What happened to the ability to laugh? As Don Sherman says, "Be the leader, let them know what is funny!" Meanwhile, enjoy this photo of two imported children from China!
Rots of Ruv,


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